6,300 dispensing doctors

By Dr Allan Tennant

27th of October 2014

Data published by the NHSBA recently shows that in April 2014 there has been a reduction of 17 dispensing practices, whilst numbers of doctors continues to rise.

The number of dispensing patients also fell by 40,000. However, the number of medical patients per practice continues to rise.

These figures reflect the continued opening of co-located pharmacies in rural general practice and practice amalgamations.  Currently the latter have increased markedly.

Any dispensing practice considering amalgamation should seek advice on affect of amalgamation on their dispensing list. Members can contact the DDA Office for advice.

The table below provides the headline figures for the past 12 years. Click here for more analysis.


Dispensing Doctors48424995511852795353531155535,73157785830606162066300
Dispensing Practices1176117411811179116611491135113911291118108610761059
Dispensing Patients (Millions)3.373.413.453.483.483.493.513.513.463.433.343.313.27
Medical Patients in a dispensing practice (Millions)8.2748.2748.2138.2708.238.16
Dispensing Patients per Practice2865290829232950298630383093308530633064307930733085
Medical patients per practice726473297346761576497705
Dispensing Patients per Doctor696683674659650657632613599588552533519
Dispensing Doctors per Practice4.124.254.334.484.594.624.895.