Dr David Baker

Dr David Baker has been a member of the DDA since 1986 and joined the executive of the Association in 1995. He became Secretary of the Association in 2000 and was appointed as Chief Executive in September 2002  – a post he retired from in November, 2012.

David has a huge wealth of knowledge on dispensing practice and understanding of the Dispensing Regulations. He is one of those unusual people who are able to read Government Bills, understand them and see their implications.

The DDA benefits from his past medico-political career as Chairman of the Rural practice Committee of the GPC and he has been a member the Agenda Committee of the Conference of Local Medical Committees since 1998. He has been active in his local LMC for 15 plus years.

Although no longer in full-time general practice, he keeps his hand in by undertaking locums in dispensing practices in and around Lincoln and doing the occasional out-of-hours session. In addition, he acts as occupational health doctor for a couple of local bus companies.

Outside medicine he is also active in local charities and enjoys directing and acting with the Act Two Theatre Company, Bassingham.