The DDA: Making the news

The DDA does not only bring you news affecting dispensing practice across Great Britain. The Association also makes the news.

The DDA is an active association, and its Board members and Executive Officers are intrinsically involved in the development of NHS policy and regulations affecting dispensing practice.

The Board Members and Executive Officers regularly meet with policy officials and Ministers from all the mainland health departments and the Association is involved in active political lobby.

The DDA has a successful track record in influencing policy affecting dispensing practice; one of its most notable achievements was to help secure amendments to the 2008 White Paper, Liberating the NHS, which detail the rural ‘accord’ negotiated for England by the DDA and the pharmacy contract negotiators, the PSNC, and the British Medical Association.

This has since been enshrined in the NHS Pharmaceutical Services Regulations for England, and this remains in place today, securing the delivery of NHS GP Dispensing Services throughout England. For more information on the Regulations, click here.

Of course, many challenges currently face dispensing practice and these are documented in the Challenges in Dispensing Practice section of this website.

The DDA’s political lobby continues, and this is documented in our regular Parliamentary Briefing Papers, which are emailed to named Members of the various Parliaments.

For the latest news from the DDA, please see the news stream on the right.