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Brecon surgery ensures quality and safety

HIW inspection notes good range of health services

July 28th 2017

Tagged: Wales HIW

By Charles Gladwin

Health Improvement Wales has recognised “the considerable emphasis on ensuring quality and safety across services” at a dispensing practice in Brecon, Powys.

In its inspection review of the Ty Henry Vaughan surgery in Brecon Medical Group, HIW said “Patients can be assured that the practice is well run.” It noted that staff were clear about their roles and day to day responsibilities. “There was also a clear leadership structure in place and staff felt well supported by senior members of the team.”

The practice with 13 GPs employs five dispensers. The inspection of the dispensary said it “was well organised and stocked adequately.” While there were daily checks of the fridge temperature, the inspection team noted that the room temperature was not recorded.

“It was identified on the day of the inspection that the room was warm. Certain medication must be stored below 25 Centigrade because of the risk of perishing, if the temperature was exceeded. The practice must therefore monitor the temperature of the room daily.”

HIW has advised that the practice’s operational manager should arrange for a room temperature gauge to be placed in the room, and that a Standard Operating Procedure be drawn up by the team to ensure monitoring and auditing.

Regarding other aspects of the practice, the report notes:

  • the practice provided a nice comfortable environment for patients to be seen by health care professionals;
  • patients spoke highly of the kind, courteous and caring staff;
  • the practice provided a good range of health and education resources in the waiting area;
  • staff were proactive and enthusiastic in providing health and care services to patients.

Among the recommendations to further improve services were:

  • patients should be enabled to have private discussions away from the reception / waiting area should they wish;
  • all staff should be competent in the use of the hearing aid loop system;
  • GP documentation of patient consultations should be improved;
  • lunchtime telephone call management required careful evaluation and improvement.