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CDs: The top five queries

All you need to know about CDs

October 15th 2020

Tagged: Conference news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Returns and destruction of controlled drugs are the top query that the DDA receives about CDs, Dr Ben Burgess said in his presentation to the DDA 2020 conference, Controlled Drugs – Updated Information for Dispensing Practices.

 Looking at DDA data the following make up the top five queries received from members:

Top query How do we manage CD returns and destruction properly?

  • CDs must be denatured before disposal
  • Need an SOP including recording of destructions
  • Stock CDs (e.g. out-of-date):
  • Schedule 2 -destruction needs an authorised witness
  • Schedule 3 & 4 –good practice for an authorised witness, otherwise a suitable witness from the practice.

Returned CDs:

  • We can accept CDs dispensed elsewhere
  • Record receipt in separate CD returns register
  • Requirements for authorised witness do not apply, but good practice to do so.

Denaturing is a waste handling process so practices need a T28 exemption. Download a T28 exemption free online  

Who is your local CD Accountable Officer and how to contact them?

2. How do we manage requisition forms?

  • FP10CDF or WP10CDF
  • States that it must be signed by the practitioner named on the form
  • Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 (Paragraph 14) states that the recipient can provide a written statement to empower a person to receive their drug on their behalf
  • There is a template statement of authority for this on the DDA website.

3 What are CD register requirements?

  • All schedule 2 drugs
  • The GP has overall responsibility, but can delegate the task
  • Format of the registers
  • Making and amending entries
  • Electronic CD registers (delegates commented that electronic registers save time, can reduce errors, and are useful in multi-branch sites)
  • Stocktakes and running balances

4. What are the correct storage requirements?

  • Schedule 2 CDs (and some Schedule 3s such as temazepam) must be stored in a CD cupboard with restricted access
  • An SOP is needed
  • Cupboard requirements
  • Key holders and use of digital locks

4. Does a Doctor need to second-check CDs?

  • The GP has overall responsibility for the dispensary, and delegates this to their dispensing team
  • A clear SOP is essential to cover the process, including second checking and maintaining the register.

The presentation also covered the following recent changes to CD regulations:

  • Gabapentin and pregabalin classified in 2019 as Schedule 3
  • Schedule 2 and 3 CDs can be prescribed via EPS in England, following the usual CD prescription rules. As yet, e-repeats cannot be used.
  • The regional Controlled Drugs Accountable Officers (CDAO) oversee all aspects of CD management. We must report all CD incidents or concerns to them.
  • Coronavirus pandemic CD regulations 2020
  • Not in effect at present and would be for short term use only
  • Would allow a pharmacist to supply prescription-only drugs (including CDs) in an emergency or substitute CDs under a serious shortage protocol

View the presentation. Access the DDA’s 2019 Quality in Practice guidance.