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Clexane supply shortage forecast

Outage until January 23

January 15th 2019

Tagged: Clinical guidance news Dispensary guidance news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Dispensers are asked to review their stocks of Clexane (enoxaparin) 40mg injection as there is an anticipated supply shortage until Wednesday 23 January for Italian imported (UK licensed) stock and Monday 18 February for further UK Clexane 40mg stock.

If product is required before 23 January, suggested alternatives include:

  • Inhixa 4,000 IU (40mg) in 0.4ml solution for injection pre-filled syringe (supplied by Techdow). Use instructions are available online.
  • Arovi 4,000 IU (40mg) in 0.4ml pre-filled syringe (supplied by Rovi Biotech). Use instructions online.

Dispensers are asked to continue to order all other strengths in line with historical demands, and are reminded that ordering will be monitored during this period.

Sanofi advises that there is a difference in the needle guard device between the Italian and UK preparations of Clexane.