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DDA training turns to skin infections

Protect your own and your patients' frontline worker

February 23rd 2021

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By Asha Fowells

The skin is arguably one of the body’s main frontline workers, enabling the sense of touch (and perceptions of heat and cold) as well providing protection from the elements and microorganisms. As effective as the skin is as a barrier, sometimes pathogens get in.

By the end of this training you will:

  • know some of the more common skin infections, including their usual presentations and how they can be managed
  • be aware of how skin infections can become more complicated and serious, and how this can be treated and prevented
  • understand how to deal with – pre-emptively in some situations – the damage that can be caused by face coverings, hand hygiene measures and PPE necessary to protect against the transmission of Covid-19

Throughout this training, you will find various activities to help reinforce your learning. Ten, multiple choice questions at the end will help you identify any areas needing a quick recap.

DDA members can download the training from the online library of Dispenser Education Modules