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DHSC adopts 3 pc pay rise recommendation

Rural recruitment improvement measures also cited

July 22nd 2021

Tagged: political news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

DHSC has announced a 3 per cent pay rise for doctors and dentists, accepting the recommendations of  pay review body DDRB.

When reaching recommendations, the DDRB considers:

  • the need to recruit, retain and motivate doctors and dentists
  • regional/local variations in labour markets and their effects on the recruitment and retention of doctors and dentists
  • the funds available to the health departments as set out in the government’s departmental expenditure limits

In relation to rural areas, the DDRB highlights potential opportunities to use remote and virtual working to help address issues of recruitment and retention. The report also describes specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors as vital to service delivery, particularly in smaller Trusts and in remote and rural areas where there may be a shortage of consultants and trainees.

In Scotland, the report outlines a number of wellbeing measures and financial incentives to improve recruitment and retention, including seniority payments to GPs who have been in work for six years or more, and ‘Golden Hello’ lump sum payments for GPs in their first eligible post in hard-to-fill, remote or rural or deprived areas.

The report also quotes 2018-19 incomes, which shows that the average taxable income of salaried GPs in ‘rural’ practices was lower than that of those in ‘urban’ practices, in all countries except Wales. This is a reversal of the position for contractor GPs.