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DHSC issues January supply notifications

New and ongoing issues detailed

January 11th 2021

Tagged: supply shortages

By Ailsa Colquhoun

The Department of Health and Social Care supply issues team has published the January list of new and ongoing supply issues.

New issues are detailed as follows:

Mitomycin 10mg injection

Phytomenadione (Konakion MM) 10mg/ml injection

Sodium chloride 1.8 %, 2.7 % and 5 % Polyfusors


Diltiazem (Zemtard) 240mg XL capsules

Docusate sodium 100mg capsules

Isosorbide mononitrate (Isotard) 50mg modified release tablets

Promethazine 25mg tablets


Buprenorphine (Butec) 15 microgram/hr patches (7 day)

Balneum Plus Bath Oil

Granisetron (Sancuso) 3.1mg/24 hours transdermal patches.

DDA members can view the full details in the library of supply notifications.