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Ennogen Pharma trimethoprim 200mg tablets recall

Contaminated batch

April 23rd 2021

Tagged: MHRA alert


Ennogen Pharma is recalling one batch of trimethoprim 200mg tablets as a precautionary measure due to confirmed reports of contamination by the 100mg tablet presentation (also manufactured by Ennogen Pharma).

The affected batch is

  • Batch number: 1403288
  • Expiry Date: 30/09/2023
  • Pack size: 14 tablets
  • First distributed: 21/01/2021

For information, trimethoprim tablets 100mg are white, round, flat faced bevelled edge tablet with an approximate diameter of 7.5mm, embossed with ‘T2’ on one side and plain on the other; 200mg tablets are white, round, biconvex tablets with an approximate diameter of 9.0mm, embossed with ‘T & 3’ separated by a score line on one side and plain on the other.

Healthcare professionals are asked to quarantine all remaining stock and return it to the supplier using the approved process.

For more information or medical information queries, please contact Ennogen QA at

For stock control queries, please contact Alex Durall and Claire Willey on and