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Hub and spoke dispensing Bill progresses

Online pharmacies and health apps also face additional scrutiny

March 5th 2020

Tagged: political news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Hub and spoke dispensing by independent pharmacies has taken a step closer to reality following the second reading of the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill

Other aspects of the Bill, which is broadly supported by opposition MPs and which has passed without division, include the following:

  • New provisions for digital pharmaceutical labelling
  • Legislation relating to the safety of online pharmacies
  • Legislation covering medicine brokerage
  • Increase non-medical prescribing
  • Create a UK register of medical devices

Responding for the Opposition, Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth called for a “robust and sophisticated mechanism to evaluate app-based healthcare for use in the NHS” and stated that at the Public Health Committee stage, his party would look to strengthen regulation relating to health apps. The Public Bill Committee is expected to report to the House by Thursday 23 April.