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Mediator, counsellor, fire fighter…

It's all in a day’s work for a dispensary manager

October 28th 2019

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

“Dispensary managers. If I asked you, what do you do all day or write yourself a job description… I’m pretty sure your jobs would include: mediator, counsellor, fire fighter…”, said Fiona Doddrell, dispensary manager at the Garstang Medical Centre in her DDA 2019 annual conference presentation on practical dispensary management.

In her presentation she shared her tips for effective management, looking at improving time management. She suggested that managers might try writing a ‘ta daa’ list at the end of a day, listing the day’s achievements, and the time each task took. Looking at emails can also be limited to one hour a day, split between morning and evening sessions. She said that these exercises: “did make me sit back and think about my time and how it was sometimes wasted.”

Other tips include setting a personal rota, so that dispensary staff know when to expect the manager to be away from the dispensary. This allocates ‘protected time’ for the manager to complete managerial tasks, such as formulary research.

In her presentation, Ms Dodrell looked at staff management, and shared tips for performance management and personal development, and managing team meetings. There were also useful tips on writing SOPs, submission for payment, including using the FP34D appendix claim form, PAs and using the DM+D browser.

View the full presentation: Practical dispensary management

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