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No NHS CD requisition form for Scottish practices

Scotland maintains the status quo for time being

December 11th 2015

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news Scotland

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Scottish dispensing practices do not have to use an NHS CD requisition form to order schedule 2 and 3 CDs from wholesalers, Scotland’s Practitioner Services Division has confirmed.

Until further notice, the forms in use in Scotland to requisition Controlled Drugs will remain the GP10A (for stock orders) and the CDRF (for private prescriptions).

The new CD requisition rules, effective from November 30, are UK legislation, but an amendment allows ministers in each of the home countries to approve the forms to be used to requisition CDs.

In England and Wales, health ministers have mandated the use of the FP10CDF and WP10CDF respectively. Scottish ministers have decided that until further notice, only existing forms will be used in Scotland. This information, as well as the English and Welsh requisition forms, are available to members in the CD regulations section of our website.

DDA Online has also learned that the UK Parliament is considering the implementation of a single UK-wide CD requisition form – but that learning from use of the form in England will inform further discussions, expected to take place in early to mid-2016.