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October Q3 Category M strips £26.8m off reimbursement

87pc of prices down

September 24th 2021

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

The October (q3) Category M adjustment has been published.

The adjustment represents a net reduction in margin levels of approximately £26.8 million per quarter. The underlying effect of market price movements in the reference period Apr – Jun 2021 will also be reflected in the October Drug Tariff.

This reflects the greater negative effects of margin adjustment and underlying price changes, despite the earlier agreement to add £12.2 million to reimbursement over two quarters.

  • In summary, 576 of the 660 lines are down in price. The average price reduction is just under 11 per cent.
  • Some 81 prices are increased, by an average of just over 24 per cent.
  • In this adjustment here are no additions or deletions.

The biggest % price rises are:

DrugSizeJuly 21 (£)Oct 21 (£)% price change
Olmesartan medoxomil 40mg tablets2814.5911.75414%
Etoricoxib 60mg tablets286.723.84133%
Fosinopril 20mg tablets287.394.07123%
Eplerenone 50mg tablets2820.499.9695%
Pregabalin 75mg capsules564.642.0277%

The biggest % price reductions are:

DrugSizeJuly 21 (£)Oct 21 (£)% price change
Co-codamol 8mg/500mg effervescent tablets321.7-1.35-44%
Co-codamol 8mg/500mg effervescent tablets1005.31-4.22-44%
Topiramate 100mg tablets602.6-2.10-45%
Mercaptopurine 50mg tablets2511.25-9.51-46%
Trimethoprim 100mg tablets281.51-2.35-61%

DDA members can view the  full October Category M spreadsheet with price history, sorted by price, price change and % price change in the member-only Category M library.