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Patient declaration suspension extended until end of June

Staff can act as patient representative

March 30th 2021

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

The DDA has secured an extension to the temporary suspension of patient FP10 declarations as a COVID infection control measure.

Under the terms of the extension, contractors can continue to make patient declarations on behalf of the patient until Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Please be aware of the following steps to ensure correct administration of exempt scripts:

Patient declarations
Patients (or their representatives) may continue to sign the reverse of prescriptions forms but are not expected to do so. Contractors can act as the patient’s representative and sign on their behalf (recommended) or may choose to leave the signature box blank.

Patients should continue to pay any relevant prescription charges, and should evidence any entitlement provisions in the usual way. If evidence cannot be produced, contractors should sign the ‘evidence not seen’ box on the reverse of the prescription.

The reverse of every prescription form should be marked with a reason for exemption, or the amount paid (exceptions include computer-generated age, contraceptive or the ‘FS’ endorsement for sexual health services.

NHSBSA will not switch any unsigned paper prescription forms between exempt and chargeable groups, but instead, will process prescriptions according to the group in which they are submitted in.

Therefore staff should ensure that FP10 paper prescriptions forms (including those submitted using red separators) are sorted into their correct charge groups (exempt, paid or paid at old charge rate) for submission. Use elastic bands or paperclips to avoid any movement or mixing of prescriptions between patient charge groups during transit.

Take extra care that exempt prescriptions are NOT inadvertently submitted with the paid bundle or vice-versa. During the suspension period any unsigned prescriptions marked with a reason for exemption but inadvertently filed in the paid bundle will be treated as paid by the NHSBSA and the relevant prescription charge deducted.