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PHE asks for MMR vaccine ordering to reflect central stock

dTaP/IPV vaccines usage also highlighted

July 7th 2021

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news

By Charles Gladwin

Practices should order the M-M-RVaxPRO in preference to Priorix to rebalance central supplies of both MMR vaccines, Public Health England has requested.

The M-M-RvaxPRO is currently available without restriction. However, Priorix is restricted to up to 6 packs per ImmForm account per week in England and Wales, says PHE. Customers in Scotland are asked to refer to their local ordering restrictions.

In addition, Boostrix-IPV is now being supplied for both the preschool booster and maternal pertussis dTaP/IPV programmes, having recently changed from Repevax. The two vaccines are equivalent but to minimise wastage, practices should use up locally held stocks of Repevax before switching to Boostrix-IPV.