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Preserved dexamethasone eye drops supply notification

Preservative-free and other steroid eye drops remain available

June 28th 2021

Tagged: supply shortages


MHRA has advised of limited supplies of preserved dexamethasone (Maxidex) 0.1% eye drops in a multi-dose container until early August 2021 due to a manufacturing issue.

During this period stock will only be available to order directly from Novartis and subject to order limits.

Dexamethasone 0.1% preservative-free and alternative steroid eye drops remain available in single dose and multi-dose containers and collectively can support an uplift in demand.

For patients with insufficient supplies until the resupply date, clinicians should consider prescribing an alternative preparation as appropriate.

Patients who are on long term treatment should be fully counselled if switched to alternative preparations, particularly preservative free single dose preparations, due to the need to dispose of the unit dose after use.

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