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Supply chain breaches

Specific batches affected

March 23rd 2020

Tagged: MHRA alert


The MHRA is currently investigating an incident where several medicines appear to have left the legal supply chain and have then been re-introduced by HMS Wholesale Limited.

The products appear genuine with legitimate batch numbers. These products are thought to have been stolen from the legitimate supply chain in early 2019 and reintroduced into the supply chain between May and August 2019. This means that the correct transport and storage conditions cannot be guaranteed and while unlikely, could impact their effectiveness.

Only specific batch numbers are within the scope of this alert. If you have received any of these batches after the reintroduction date listed in appendix 1, from HMS Wholesale Limited, please follow the advice below:

  • Please check your stocks of all the listed products for the relevant batches supplied from HMS Wholesale Limited. If any relevant packs are identified, please quarantine and notify the DMRC/MHRA. The products are listed in the section Product description.
  • Please note this alert only requires notification to the MHRA if you have been provided any of the products in the section Product description, directly from HMS Wholesale Limited only.