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Tariff updates on the up as shortages spiral

Activity peaks in November and March

December 10th 2019

Tagged: DM Zone news

By Wavedata

Shortages of generics continue to be a common theme, prompting speculation as to the causes: for some shortages are about faults in the supply chain; for others it is about rising ingredient costs forcing manufacturers out of the market.

One indicator of the size of the issue is the number of price concessions granted each month. This shows a gradual increase since 2010 and a couple of peaks in November 2017 and March 2019.

Wavedata now operates a stock finder service with supplier search, price tracker and special offer price list functions.

In terms of last month’s market price risers, three packs of rivastigmine caps stand out. However, also noteworthy among the risers are two packs each of lormetazepam, propranolol and ranitidine tabs.

DDA members can view the detail of the November market price risers and fallers by visiting the online library of monthly purchase price analyses.